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Mykoob is a free web based learning process management software. The name comes from MY BOOK (spelled backwards). It is intended for use in schools but it’s features are not limited to school needs only, so it can be used in universities as well. The application is build to ease the management of school resources and increase the quality of learning processes in general by involving parents more in the process of children education.

The aim is to provide software for educational institutions which can bring value to the learning process with no additional costs for schools. This is achieved by analyzing and developing it from a teacher, school, student and parent perspective, as each of the groups has it’s individual demands towards the learning process. So that parents can access frequent information and see how their kids are doing in school from their computers at work or home, by logging into one web site, regardless of the school where their children are learning. Mykoob offers the ability to follow timetables, home assignments, grades, attendances, learning materials as well as grants access to analytical grading tools and communicational platform with teachers.

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Get to know mykoob Edit

Reduce costs for schools and…
…. automate a few of the daily tasks that educational institutions are facings – creating timetables, summarizing and analyzing information. Timetables are generated automatically and are delivered to students digitally. In simple terms - no need to print and put in on the wall, which improves the efficiency of information delivery and saves time during creation. Reduce spendings for learning material handouts, by delivering the content digitally directly to the students and parents. Helps to overview and evaluate school processes by analytical graphs. For example summary of teacher work hours, or student performance in certain classes.

Teachers can analyze different approaches

The end of school year or grading period is made easy for teachers, as all the grades are calculated automatically, depending on the information that teacher provides. Graphical overview of teacher subjects, showing student performance all year trough, so it’s easier to analyze the quality of teaching methods. The communication with child parents is much more comfortable, as the internal messaging system automatically creates a contact list, showing children and their parents. Teacher can see who is online, and send a direct message. Learning materials can be shared digitally, so no need to give printouts – simply upload and share.

Keeping parents informed

Parents are provided with a login, to get better access to information about school processes involving them and making more responsible for effectivity which their children get from their education. All the vital information, which directly influences the quality of education of their children, is presented in an easy to reach way. So they get more interaction between the school processes and can react accordingly. A parent can see the lesson plan, grades, attendances, assignments and more. For example all the homework of a child is listed the same way as the children see it, so they can make sure it gets done. Even the learning material is available to the parents, so if they wish they can check if the child does his school tasks. The system can help to increase the communication between them and teachers. The internal messaging system shows a list of teachers which are teaching his children. So parents don`t have the struggle to note all phone numbers of child’s teachers (who tend to change year to year). A list of names with subjects which they teach is presented, so a parent can simply send a message to the Math teacher, by not even knowing the name of teacher. All online users are noted, so direct communication can take place.

Improving learning experience for children

Children are updated with information regularly, so that they don`t miss, that a new homework has been assigned, which sometimes can be a cause for a bad grade. Reminders show the upcoming tasks, so that a child has a structured list of assignments which need to be done and with that in mind, a child can plan his time accordingly. The average grades of are shown all year trough, making it easier to follow the learning progress. It is vital, that children have an overview of grades and attendances all the time, not only on at the end of a period, when usually it’s hard to change the grades, which are already there. Children should be aware of the overall situation all the year trough, not only at the end of a period or school year.

Mykoob Features Edit

All the information which is listed in the features overview is presented differently according to the user group in which a person is added. So all the user profiles – parents, teachers, children etc. are viewing it from different angle. For example, the lesson planers in school can view, edit and generate a new plan, but teachers can see which what lessons have to be teached in which classes and classrooms. If a person belongs to more then one group, then a simple menu appears where it’s possible to change the preview of the system. If a person is a teacher and a parent at the same time, he can switch the user role, and doesn't even have to log in again. A student can learn in multiple schools simultaneously – in musical school and general school, all he has to do is to switch the school if he wants to work with the other one. All features are built according to the user group needs.

Lesson Scheduling Edit

Lessons can be scheduled two ways – using the automatic timetable generator or manual tool. It is done using the internet browser, and is presented to all users as soon as they log on to the system. Each user is immediately identified accordingly, and the relevant profile information is shown, such as the particular user’s daily, weekly or monthly lesson plan. All changes made to the lesson plan are highlighted, so that the user would instantly notice that the daily schedule has been changed. For example if a lesson has been canceled.

Grades and Attendance Edit

For every teacher, information on classes to which he or she teaches is automatically selected and particular list of pupils presented. In this way, if the lesson schedule is entered into the system, then it automatically recognizes and shows the class to which the teacher has to give a lesson and at what time. If the lesson planner has made a mistake and omitted the teacher’s scheduled lesson, then the teacher can enter it by himself/herself. As soon as the grades and attendances are entered for a particular day, both parents and children view the information trough their profile. A comment specifying a theme of the lesson can be added to each grade, so that later on the teacher could clearly see which material has been better mastered by the child and which still needs to be learned. The average grades are constantly calculated and showed to each pupil (and their parents) with the aim to make him/her to improve performance in due time – not at the end of semester, suddenly finding out that the average grade is much lower than desired.

Assignments and Homework Edit

The main function of the homework section is to provide parents with detailed information on homeworks, course papers etc. that their children will have to do in the near future, thus preventing the situation when a child does not complete the homework, by forgetting to take down a note on it. Moreover, parents could always encourage their children to do their assignments, since the submission date, theme and description of each homework or course paper are given. After the assignment has been valued, an according grade is shown near the assignment.

Learning Materials Edit

Since information becomes more and more digitalized, and pupils are getting used to searching information on the internet, teachers can take advantage of this situation and attach study materials in various formats, such as documents, pictures, tables etc. Thus, children will have the study materials available from any place which has a computer with internet access. Teachers, in turn, will have a structured archive of study materials.

Internal Messaging System Edit

Mail system is a tool facilitating communication between teachers and parents in the situation when the conventional means of communication are often impracticable or inconvenient, e.g. when the teacher’s phone number or e-mail address is not known. This system automatically creates a contact list for each user. It also means that each child will have his/her classmates, parents and teachers on the contact list, whereas teachers will have all children whom they teach as well as both parents of each child; parents, in turn, will have all the teachers who teach their children any subject as well as their own children on their list. The recipient can see a notification right after receiving the message, so in case both parties are online, they can communicate directly. The number of stored mail messages is unlimited, therefore, the user can create an archive of both received and sent messages.

News Section Edit

School’s administration can post a message that will appear on the dashboard of each user. Basically this section serves as an information board for posting announcements on the parent meetings, class parties, field trips etc. The user groups can be selected, so only relevant information is shown to users.

Logs Edit

This section stores information on every smallest modification made in the portal. Thus, every grade, missed class or any other record is saved, making suspicious user activity traceable and restoration of the previous parameters possible if needed.

Start Using Edit

Mykoob is a public and freely available system. So no installation or server maintenance is needed. A school can start using the system by providing just an e-mail address of one main user (administrator or director) and the school’s name. Further adding of users is structured in a way that prevents the situation when one user has to add all pupils and teachers of the school (although such a case may not be excluded). Firstly, the administrator adds to the school’s profile all the courses and teachers who teach them. Next, the form teachers are delegated to enter the information on children at specific grades and their parents. It may suffice that a form teacher adds the pupils only, while the pupils add their parents by themselves later on. Each user may be registered at several schools and user groups at the same time. For example, a teacher may simultaneously be the parent of a child, or a child may attend both an elementary school and a school of music at the same time. All the user information can be imported from excel files (.xls)

Vision Edit

Our vision is to implement a unified system, which would be not only a study process management system but also, become an internet community for educational sector. Joining together pupils, teachers and parents, enabling them to exchange experience and knowledge. Allowing teachers to exchange views on teaching methods. Children discussing approaches on solving issues. Providing parents, with a guided list of schools to make the decision of choosing the right one for their children.

Future Plans Edit

  • Integrated school user authentification – using LDAP
  • Online test and exam platform
  • Library management module

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