Introduction Edit

Lets create a wiki about the class. When you get the opporitunity, I would like you to enter information about things we do in the course, the format, Mr. Manko as a teacher, the projects that we conduct, etc. This is a collaborative effort, so lets all work together.

Objectives of the class Edit

Skills we have learned Edit

In Mr.Manko class we learned how to cut and paste. Also we learned how to copy pictures from the Internet.

When we come to Mr.Manko's class we participate in where we can earn free rice for hungry people in Africa.

Class Format Edit

We begin every class with a five minute drill. During drill time, students work to improve their vocabulary by answering questions from the vocabulary section of This website allows students to improve their vocabulary while doing a good deed. For every question that each student gets correct, the website sponsors will donate twenty grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program. Rosemont students donate about 60,000 grains daily.

Mr.Manko would teach us something new like how to animation or how to copy and paste pictures.

Projects Edit

All About Me- we are doing a project called the All About Me Project

The all about me proect is truly fun because you get to let everyone konw about you Deauncha Scott-Hill

This all about me project is for people to kow me as a person and truly me

"It is basically information about ourselves and what we like to do." -Kristian Jones

About Mr. Manko Edit

I really liked the projects that MR.Manko have us to do in his class and im going to miss him when we leave from Rosemont--Kiairah Davis "class of 09"

About the Wiki Authors Edit

Malik Mobley- one of the wiki author is...

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