MP3 is an acronym for MPEG Audio Layer 3. MPEG is itself an acronym for Moving Picture Expert Group. An MP3 file, often simply called an mp3, was invented to hold audio information aboard a computer without taking up as much space as the original audio information would.


A search on Google yeilds over 700 million sites with mp3s on them or information about them. Invented in 1991, mp3 quickly became the most popular format for encoding, downloading and sharing audio across the internet. Visit for a host of recorded events, speeches, news and media as MP3 files.

How do you use itEdit

In order to listen to an MP3 file, one needs an MP3 audio player, which can either take the form of software on a computer, or a portable hardware device. iTunes is an example of a no-cost software MP3 player. Winamp is another. The iPod made by Apple is a popular portable hardware music player which plays MP3 files.


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