This project is about how you can turn or move your object. Hope you learn a bit about it.


This is an object. An object is the item which will do different actions which you ask it to do. To learn how to draw an object look at Dana and Nina’s project. Once you have drawn your object you will create different scripts to make it move.

Forward by

You first alt + click on the flowers and click on the viewer (the little blue eye). When it opens click on “flowers forward by 5.” You can change the number which changes the speed. The higher the number the faster the flower will go. When you are ready click continue. You drag it out to make it a script.

[Click here to watch how the object moves ]


The arrow in the middle of the flower must be faced the way you want the object to move.


What is highlighted is the script name. You must name it an appropriate name. For example “flowermoving.”


To turn an object you go to basics (if you are not on it) and drag out Flower turn by 5 (just like you did for forward by). You can change the number to make the flower turn more or less. The bigger the number the more degrees the object turns.

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