Text formatting rules Edit

Creating italicized or bold text is the simplest rule — simply use the apostrophe character in groups of two or three to create the style.

What you type What you see
''italicized text'' italicized text
'''bold text''' bold text
'''''italicized and bold text''''' italicized and bold text

To create text inside a block, start each line with a space. (Be sure not to make any lines too long, or it will stretch the page horizontally!) Text can also be indented by using the colon character.

What you type What you see

Preformatted text

Preformatted text
: Indented text
Indented text

Bullets and Numbering of Lists Edit

Both unordered and numbered lists are simple to create as well: simply use the asterisk or hash characters at the beginning of a line to create the entry. To create nested lists, simply add an extra asterisk or hash to the front of the line. You can even mix and match the kinds of list in a single group!

What you type What you see
* Item One
* Item Two
  • Item One
  • Item Two
# Item One
# Item Two
  1. Item One
  2. Item Two
* Item One
** Item Two
  • Item One
    • Item Two
* Item One
*# Item Two
  • Item One
    1. Item Two

Hyperlinks to other wiki pages and to URLs Edit

In a wiki, it's important to help build the web by creating links to other articles in every appropriate context. Use the following techniques to create links to other pages on this wiki:

What you type What you see
[[Main Page]] Main Page
[[This page doesn't exist]] This page doesn't exist

You can also make links to other websites:

What you type What you see
[] [1]
[ Google] Google

Uploading and Using ImagesEdit

There is a link to "upload file" on the left of the wiki (in the toolbox). Once you've uploaded your file, use the following code to get it to appear (replace "imagename.jpg" with the correct name of the file you uploaded):


To get it to align on the right, be a thumbnail, and have an alt text tag, do this (replace "Descriptive Text" with whatever you want the alt tag to be):

[[Image:imagename.jpg|right|thumb|Descriptive Text]]

More help at:

Dividing a Page into Sections Edit

If an article is long enough, you can divide the page into different sections. The wiki will automatically generate a table of contents based on the content for all articles with more than three sections.

You can also create a horizontal divider by using four dashes in a row.

Colored TextEdit

Use the html tag for this.

What you type What you see

<font color="green">My green text.</font>

My green text.

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