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The Standing Rock Community School offers its students, faculty, and administration access to its computer network and the Internet. In providing network and Internet service throughout the School, the goal is to facilitate access to resources, improve communication and encourage innovation. The School regards this access as a privilege, not a right. Account holders are expected to act in a responsible, ethical manner, and to abide by local, state, and federal law.

Every student, faculty, and staff member of Standing Rock Community School is assigned a Standing Rock Community School internal Pink Note account and EduTech e-mail account. Access to computer systems and networks owned by Standing Rock Community School imposes certain responsibilities and obligations on all who use them. Infractions of Standing Rock Community School’s Acceptable Use Policy will result in curtailing access to network and/or computer lab facilities and referral to appropriate supervisor or superintendent for disciplinary action.

Where possible, takes precautions to restrict access to objectionable material but it is not possible to have full control over access to resources and materials on the Internet. Standing Rock Community School reserves the right to block content that negatively impacts that academic performance of its students or the productivity of its faculty and staff. Nevertheless, Standing Rock Community School firmly believes that the development of skills for online research is an essential component of the educational process. Moreover, the benefits of information and worldwide interactive communication far outweigh the possibility of exposure to material that is not consistent with the school’s educational goals. Standing Rock Community School community members are expected to act with honesty, integrity, and respect for others. Each computer user has the responsibility to respect and protect the rights of every other person in our community and on the Internet.

I understand the following:

• I continuously represent Standing Rock Community School whenever and wherever I use e-mail and the Internet.

• I will follow the posted and/or handbook rules regarding games use, food and drink, or other site specific injunctions.

• I understand that Standing Rock Community SchoolL has the right to look at any data, electronic mail or files that exist on the network or on individual computers without the prior consent of system users. In addition, Stadning Rock Community School reserves the right to read or remove any files on the network or on individual computers without prior notice to system users.

• If I violate any of these rules or knowingly enable others to violate these rules, I may be subject to disciplinary actions beyond the loss of access to Standing Rock Community School technology including expulsion or termination of employment.

My Use of School Technology Resources

• I will not attempt to discover or use another user's login name or password, nor will I share my passwords. If I become aware of another individual's password, I will inform that person or a member of the technology staff.

• I will respect the work and privacy of others throughout the Standing Rock Community School Network.

• I will use my applications, e-mail accounts, and Standing Rock Community School Network space for school-related activities.

• I will not use Standing Rock Community School technology resources for commercial activity or to seek monetary gain.

• I will not vandalize or tamper with any Standing Rock Community School technology equipment.

• I will not deliberately perform any act which will negatively impact the operation of computers, printers or networks. I will make an effort to keep my home computer free from viruses and other destructive materials. If my computer is accidentally infected, I will seek help from a professional or a member of the Technology Department.

• I will not assume any fictitious or anonymous identity in any activity that uses Standing Rock Community School technology resources or refers to Standing Rock Community School.

• I will sign all Internet communications that uses Standing Rock Community School technology resources or refer to Standing Rock Community School.

• I will not use my e-mail account to send out mass unsolicited messages.

• I will not access, download, store, or print obscene or pornographic material.

• I will not store or transfer software used primarily for hacking, eavesdropping, or network administration.

• I will not represent Standing Rock Community School in any political arena.

• I will not forward chain letters, joke collections, Internet urban legends, and other objectionable materials.

My Fair Use of Virtual Materials

• I will not copy or transfer any software under copyright to or from computers on the Standing Rock Community School Network without the permission of the Technology Department.

• I will properly cite any Internet resources that I use in my work.

• I will not distribute the e-mail addresses of others without their express permission.

Whenever I am online at school or away from school:

• I will not annoy, hinder, or harass others with offensive, obscene, abusive, or threatening language in any electronic communication.

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