discussed on ISED on 2-2-07

We installed one at The American School of The Hague. At that time we went with 15 eMacs, Behringer UB802 mixers (to accommodate audio input and mixing multiple instruments) something like the M-Audio 49e controller (keyboard), Sibelius (for producing scores) and Logic Audio Pro for sequencing and sampling. I also installed a ceiling-mounted projector for the teacher workstation and they an extra PA-type audio system at the front of the class. Sennheiser headphones provided the results back to the students and kept the lab from becoming quite a loony bin. Teachers from AMIS-member schools from across Europe and around the world have trained at this lab and some have modeled theirs directly after it. I think they added Final Cut Pro for film scoring but were originally using iMovie and/or Quicktime Pro. If on a PC platform I would change keep Sibelius, change to Steinberg's Cubase for sequencing, VST and sampling, add a nice MIDI interface like the Edirol UA-1EX USB and let the students bring their own headphones (they're more careful with their own iPod phones anyway). Who knows just how Windows VISTA will figure into this.

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