What do you want Heads to know about technology? Also See: Essential Questions for PGP based on NAIS Principles of Good Practice.

  • Read and implement the NAIS reports on the role of technology within schools especially as regards globalization, critical thinking skills, sustainability, etc.
  • In the next 10-20 years it's not about teachers learning new technologies, it's about teachers developing new and creative curricula to take advantage of the new tools.
  • Play a video game with a student... this is the first generation who are not learning the games they play from the previous generation
  • Consider creating an individualized learning plan for every student and a dynamic database that tracks and reports on all of their progress and allows teachers and other adults to comment on the student's work over time

*Focus on technology, a project-based rather than skill-based

  • Students and teachers often have inconsistent expectations of technology use—we need to bridge the gap
  • Role of Web 2.0 in our schools. Students as creators with a global audience. Using these tools for education instead of blocking them. Teachers as learners.

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