'Publications, Video, Internet Consent and Release Agreement'

Students who attend the school are occasionally part of publicity, publications and/or public relations activities. In order to guarantee student privacy and ensure your agreement for your student to participate, the school asks that you agree to this form.

The form referenced below indicates approval for the student's picture, art, written work, voice, verbal statements or portraits (video or still) to appear in school publicity or parish publications, videos or on the School website. For example, pictures and articles about school activities may appear in local newspapers, school publications. These pictures and articles may or may not personally identify the student. The pictures and/or videos may be used by the school in subsequent years.

Student and Parent/Guardian release to the school the student's name, picture, art, written work, voice, verbal statements, portraits (video or still) and consent to their use by the school.

The school agrees that the student's name, picture, art, written work, voice, verbal statements, portraits (video or still) shall only be used for public relations, public information, school promotions, publicity, and instruction.

Student and Parent/Guardian understand and agree that:

No monetary consideration shall be paid;

Consent and release have been given without coercion or duress;

The photo, video or student statements may be used in subsequent years.

A simpler alternative (included in reenrollment contract)

I grant permission for the school, in whole or in part, to use photographs, written extractions, video, and voice recordings of students for the purpose of marketing and publications unless otherwise notified in writing.

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