• Sunday night keynote: global, big picture ideas
    • Make the presentation as interactive as possible
      • (example: keep people focused, adult learning style: turn to your partner)
  • Know your audience. Technology leaders and media specialists/librarians at Independent schools. Very few classroom teachers or administrators.
  • "preaching to the choir" Our question is more about how you use these tools effectively in a k-12 educational setting --Synergy session on Monday morning
    • "nuts and bolts" How effectively are blogs being used in classrooms?
  • When to use a blog and when to use a wiki? Definitions and most effective use of these tools?
  • Participate actively in the Retreat--attend sessions, as well as informal conversations at meals and at the bar --Tuesday lunch wrap-up talk
    • Relate to ideas generated at the retreat
    • Weave ideas together
    • Send participants off engerized
    • Specific ideas and goals
  • Have David participate in a "best practices" session

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