Ladies and Gentlemen,

This paragraph will be used to communicate pending assignments the group is having and the due date for submission. Should any of us want to be remembered of the assigment at hand just check this article.

You can also update the wiki should you have the any with you that is not on the list

Boboye 16:01, March 5, 2010 (UTC)

Boboye A.AEdit

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Design a Web Site with Microsoft Frontpage Software - Due date Tuesday 09/03/2010

Select at least 3 Web Sites and Criticise in term of Users friendly, Navigation, Design and creativity in the page. due date Tuesday 09/03/2010

Call for paper on the net and write the abstract of your choice topic for submission and evaluation. due date Tuesday 09/03/2010

Write the second section of your article here.

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