Please add or edit to this rationale:

  • an increase in technology use for personal productivity and lesson prep
  • appreciate the flexibility of using/testing/learning new technologies at their own convenience, without student distractions often found in the classroom/lab.
  • felt more comfortable with the laptop's reliability, given that they had somewhat more control over its use/software updates.
  • in areas where internet connection is not always reliable, laptops were beneficial in that teachers could more easily prepare lessons and access required files without having to rely on the internet
  • limited network space is sometimes a concern, and teachers mentioned the benefit of accessing their individual files from their laptops.
  • One concern/debate is whether teachers should have admin access to the laptops. The teachers argument is that if something goes wrong outside of school working hours the benefits of using the laptop as their primary source can quickly turn into a major challenge. The technical argument is also easily understood given the amount of support required to maintain them.
  • Some teachers take them home nightly and others email or attach to their FirstClass desktop to access at home. We also have flash drives available to teachers as another option. All work equally well.
  • My principal is considering setting up a laptop program. However, I simply email any lessons/files home to work on my laptop or desktop there. I never carry the laptop to or from the school. Additionally, flash drives are great for carrying files home - they fit on my key chain.

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