What are you using at your school and do you recommend it?

  • We are using Bretford while we like the type that store vertically and all four casters swivel (so you can "drive" from either end), the plugs are problematic and the doors never quite fit together...Bretford has come out with a new cart where the plugs are on the front of the cart
  • We like the Anthro carts. Though they are very heavy, they seem to hold up well, have good wheels, and also come with built-in power outlets. and search for laptop storage cart. The anthro carts are well made and they have a split charging mechanism that only charges half the cart at a time to reduce throwing circuits. here is their website
  • I have 8 and 10 laptop carts from Woodware by design, they do do 16 laptop carts too I think
  • We have both the Bretford and the Datavision carts. Depends on what you want. The Datavision is the most durable but is larger (thus the durable). They both have multiple size carts. They both work well!
  • Datamation Systems has made some of the best carts we have ever used. They offer carts and a wide range of other products. I highly recommend them
  • We just decided to go with a 30 slot Da-Lite cart. We like the access to the back of the cart and its small size.
  • We have not had much luck with the Bretford carts. The most recent carts from Spectrum Industries, though large, are well built, have slide out trays, slits with velcro tie downs for power supplies, power cyling capablities, good ventilation, robust locks, and a more furniture like appearance. The 15- unit model is also taller than it is wide, which makes for easier passage through doorways. This vendor is also very easy to work with and open to customizations that other vendors are not.
  • We purchased Spectrum carts from CDW. The "Spectrum H3 Laptop Cart Swivel" manufacturer number SI2-55174CHBSR for $1760. The shelves roll in and out and it cycles power between the two sides of the cart. Beware of the outlets pulling free from their housing.
  • We like the carts from Da-Lite, purchased from Final Click. I like this cart because the back comes off. We also leave the front doors off most of our carts. The model with 30 shelves cost $725, plus the cost of the power strips, ($73 for each 12 outlet strip) which you order separately. I also ordered some of these power strips to replace the ones that went bad on our Spectrum cart (see above.) -demetri
  • The company that supplied Spectrum with the power strip tried to cut costs using a plastic clip to hold the outlets. Spectrum wasn't too happy with them, as you could imagine, and changed suppliers, stipulating that they use a metal clip to keep the outlets in place. If you have an old one with bad outlets, call (800) 235-1262 and Spectrum will replace the power strip for free. -greg

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