Holton Arms Projects with iPods

retrieved from ISED-L 2-12-08

iPods can be mobile language labs. David Boxer and Yuriko Sakamoto from Windward School (CA) and Judith Cramer, from Teachers College in NYC presented on this topic at NAIS.

retrieved from ISED-L 2-12-08

At Nobles we have used the iPods in most subject areas, including the following:

  • 7th grade: Forensics activity, photo podcasts for oral witness testimony
  • 9th - 12th grade: PowerPoint review for tests 12th grade Ceramics: Interactive 3D models
  • 8th grade Science: Slow-motion video analysis Admissions Office: virtual campus tours all grades: "digital showcase" of student work, iMovies, photos, student concerts
  • 8th grade Civics: 2007 State of the Union Address
  • 8th grade Civics: World News Tonight daily video podcast
  • 7th/8th grade English: excerpts from To Kill a Mockingbird electronic versions of student publications, such as photography and yearbook

There are many, many other uses that our teachers have found for the iPods. Most of the above activities also had written work as a component -- students either did an accompanying worksheet or they blogged about the activity or added to the class wiki.

Apple just released a new iPod game called iQuiz, a trivia game that can be played right on the iPod. It includes four built-in trivia games, but it also allows you to create and share other custom trivia packs.

Here is a link to iQuiz on the Apple iTunes Store: http:// id=250327961&s=143441

Here is a link to the information on creating your own quizzes:

Lots of exciting possibilities for designing quick vocab quizzes and other kinds of quick self-tests.

Douglas K. Noble and Greenough School

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