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Technology in Social Studies

Social Studies Internet SitesEdit

This list includes the title of the title of the website, a link, and a description of the website.

  • Marco Polo

Good resource designed to aid teachers in incorperating the internet into instruction. Provides standards based lesson plans as well as staff developement resources.

  • BBC America

Includes great flash information on a variety of topics including Greece, Rome, Indus River Valley, English history and more.

  • National Geographic

Good resource for teachers and students. Student page has interactive topics on multiple discplines.

  • Discovery School

Teachers: can create puzzles and connect to clip art as well as lesson plans, connection to United Streaming, big teacher resource center.

  • Smithsonian Institute

Provides resources for both teachers and students.

  • The British Museum

Provides resources for both teachers and students over a variety of historical subjects.

  • Houghton Mifflin Publishing Website

Good resource to go with a middle school textbook provider that matches curriculum standards.

  • United States Geography Games

This site provides numerous games, each with multiple difficulty levels, that teach U.S. Geography. It is a great resource when teaching the States and Capital Cities of the United States.

  • Teacher Vision

Agreat resource for lesson plans and activities to help students understand the 2008 elections.

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