Also known as: Classroom Response System, Classroom Performance System, Student Response System, & Audience Response System.


  • Qwizdom Last year we installed 30 Qwizdom classroom response systems. There are great curriculum packages that can be purchased for the Qwizdom units that we are just starting to look into for next school year. The Qwizdom Classroom Response Units were unknown to many of our staff, so they didn't put in proposals for them. The ones that did request and receive them are so impressed with them that I expect demand to increase drastically next year. I personally see some type of classroom response system being part of every classroom within the next 10 years.
  • Classroom Performance System (CPS) - Our eighth grade history class uses CPS "clickers": and it has been a very positive addition. The teacher reports that students are more engaged and actually ask for quizzes now. Quizzes are the only use but even those allow you to advance at your own pace and to self-test. The teacher also reports that she re-teaches more because she is more aware of what the students are not getting. More engagement, better feedback, and more thoughtful teaching. That's a good combination...and in a class of less than 18.
  • We're using Edugame for Science and Math. It's awesome and it has improved student performance. It generates grade reports and keeps a running average. It also provides data indicating which questions the student did poorly on for managing assessment structures.

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