Major Innovative Events in Independent School ComputingEdit

1990 Methodist Ladies College in Australia starts first secondary school 1 to 1 laptop program.

1991 Access Conference is started for independent schools and small colleges.

1992 Brewster Academy and Suffield Academy start first secondary school 1 to 1 programs in U.S..

1995 NYSAIS starts an annual conference for Directors of Information Technology. The keynote speaker is Alan November.




  • Duchesne Academy in Houston implements school-wide spread spectrum (Lucent) wireless network for their 1:1 laptop program.

1999 Rye Country Day School starts first dual-platform (student choice) 1 to 1 laptop program.

2003 Laptop Institute conference initiated at Lausanne Collegiate.

2005 Greenwich Academy begins process of switching from a Wintel 1:1 laptop program to a Mac 1:1 program.

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