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Our goal is to collaboratively create a K-12 Information Literacy skills matrix with example projects that can be used as a reference for schools. We invite independent schools to share any resources they have created in house as well as to link to external sources.

Standards to considerEdit

  1. Big 6 - see tech-specific matrixand article
  2. AASL Learning Standards
  3. ISTE - NETS - note: these are under revision
  4. 21st Century Skills
  5. Types of 21st Century Skills Literacies from NCREL
  6. Information Literacy Links

Points to PonderEdit

How can technology help:

  1. Ignite curiosity and feed the spirit of inquiry?
  2. Encourage clear, effective, and creative expression?
  3. Foster community through communication and collaboration?
  4. Engage a variety of learning styles?
  5. Collect and analyze information and use it to make informed decisions? (From Jamie Britto [1])

Overview of the Library vs. Technology Collusion

An excellent overview of the challenges faced when synthesizing standards from these two fields.

What are the dangers of using a exclusively "info literacy" driven framework for technology curriculum? What gets left out if, for example, one uses the Big 6 skills as the overarching topics for a scope and sequence?

Existing MatricesEdit


External LinksEdit

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