Opening the Folder Containing the Pictures

From the desktop or your Start Menu, open the folder where your picture is located.

Note 1: My Pictures is the default location for pictures. If you have specified another folder for the picture you would like to import, go to that folder instead.

Note 2: If you have hidden in any way your folders marked My Pictures, My Documents, My Computer and similar, an alternate path is to choose ‘Run’ from the Start Menu, and then type in ‘Explorer’ and search from there.

Moving the Picture

Once the folder is open, resize it so it takes up about half of the computer screen. Right click in the window; a menu should appear. Choose 'View' and select 'Thumbnails'.


Then open Squeak, but keep the picture’s folder on top. Highlight the picture you would like to import. Drag the picture, by clicking and holding the mouse button, into Squeak. The picture will appear in Squeak.

Refer to the following link for a video showing this.

Importing Video

All images and video protected under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.5 License.

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