Comparing ISP Service Options Edit

School Provider Area Capacity Cost Type Date Notes
Packer Paetec NYC 3Mbps $1290/mo Actual 12/07 2 T1s x $450, Local Loop: 2 x $164, Router: $62, Service is okay
Packer Broadview NYC 3/6Mbps $798/1595/mo (or better) Proposal 12/07 Router included with 3Mbps.
Packer Paetec NYC 4.5/6Mbps $1475/ 1850/mo Proposal 12/07 T1s with Managed Adtran 4305
Packer Cost Cutters*/ Broadview NYC 5/10Mbps $999/1399/mo Proposal 12/07 *Cost Cutters is a tech broker
Packer Cost Cutters*/ One Communications NYC 6/7.5/9Mbps $1500/1875/ 2250/mo Proposal 12/07 *Cost Cutters is a tech broker
Packer Cost Cutters*/ Mettel NYC 10Mbps $1485/mo Proposal 12/07 w/ router and 3yr term *Cost Cutters is a tech broker
Wave2Wave Westchester 4.5 Mbps $1590/mo Actual 12/07 Service is generally excellent. We may add another T1 in the spring.
Wave2Wave Upper East Side Manhattan 10 Mbps $1699/mo Actual 12/07 New approved proposal
Verizon NYC 3.0 Mbps $1200/mo Actual 12/07 dual bonded t1's, once its setup it generally works, getting it setup was a pain.
XO NYC 3Mbps 694/mo (3 yr) Proposal 10/07 dual bonded T1's
XO NYC 10Mbps 1105/mo (3 yr) Proposal 10/07 router 110/month
Saddle River Day School XO New Jersey 1.5Mbps 400.59/month (3 year - expired - now on month-to-month) Actual 07/04 the bandwidth is shared up/down and is sectioned into voice/data, so our data line does not perform at 1.5Mbps. Generally very unhappy with service. I call the service center and they call Verizon (who actually owns the copper and run). Planning on switching to someone who owns their own lines, instead of a re-packager.
-Paetec NYC T1 with e-rate... Steve Bergen at The Children's Storefront ... 15,000 per year
Optimum NY Metro 20Mbps 3000/mo (3 yr) Actual 09/07 Includes voice circuit
Optimum Lightpath NY Metro 50Mbps 3187/mo (3 yr) Actual 12/07 Data only (no voice); initial construction cost waived; hardware included
RCN NYC 1.5 Mbps 499/mo Actual 12/07 Full T1
Heschel RCN NYC 40 Mbps 699/mo (5 yr) Actual 11/07 We paid a chunk of the construction costs to bring Fiber in to keep the cost down. Also part of a larger project connecting 3 schools
Towerstream Upper East Side Manhattan 8 Mbps $1000/mo install 12/21 already tested and OK
Internet Channel (INCH) Greenwich Village 1.5 Mbps $499/mo Actual Includes 10 dial-up accounts and /28 subnet (14 usable IPs) top notch support staff
Lawrence Woodmere Academy Optimum Lightpath Long Island 10Mbps $2750/mo (3 yr) Proposed 9/08 data and voice; initial construction cost waived; hardware included; $5000 rebate for infrastructure improvements

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