iPod Tips and TricksEdit

  • "How to get photos off an iPod back onto a computer. "

I recently encountered this as a problem and searched for a very long time until having this article brought to my attention by Craig Nansen from Minot, ND. This is a very valuable article on this important little niche in the tech world and I hope its availability to people will, in the future, promote production of an even better piece of software to accomplish the task. Jim Lerman. See:

  • How to get Songs from your iPod to your computer

A great tool for ripping songs from an iPod back to your computer/iTunes is found at  or It will cost you $20 but if you have somehow lost your data, want to change to a different computer, etc.. it is well worth the investment. Creator now offers software to copy photos, clone, backup/restore and repair iPods.

PodWorks is stable and reliable software to copy songs, videos, playlists from the iPod to a computer. Cost is $8.00, created by Sci-Fi Hi-Fi: Sci-Fi Hi-Fi Software


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