Click and drag on the navigator tab to view the buttons.


Then click on the paintbrush tool to begin painting a steering wheel.


This is the painting tool.


The red arrow is pointing to the paint brush, paint bucket, eye dropper and eraser. The paint brush allows you to draw any shape or picture you desire. The paint bucket allows you to paint the whole page in any color you choose. The eye dropper allows you to choose a color. Finally, the eraser allows you to erase any mistake you make while making your picture. The blue arrow indicates the paint toolbar. When you click on the paint toolbar, you can choose any color you desire. The green arrow indicates the shapes toolbar.

Draw circle

The blue arrow is pointing to the circle. In order for you to create a circle, you need to click on the circle icon and drag it into the open space. The pink arrow points to the circle.

Draw piece sign

The green arrow is pointing to the line icon. You can use the line icon to draw the lines inside of the circle. The purple arrow indicates the finished steeringwheel.

Keep button

After you have finished drawing the steringwheel, you must press the keep button.


To open the buttons for the turtle or steeringwheel, you press alt and click.


The arrow is pointing to the box used to rewrite the name of your project. As you can see we decided to chane the name from sketch to turtle.

Turtle and steeringwheel

The arrow is pointing to a button which is called the viewer.

Turtle's viewer3

The blue arrow points to the turtle. The red arrow points to the viewer we have just open. The viewer shows different demands of how to control the turtle or object.

Steeringwheel's viewer

The blue arrow points to the steeringwheel's viewer. In order for you to open this viewer, you need to do the same thing you did to open the turtle's viewer. After you do this, the turtle's viewer will hide but you will still see it in the right hand corner.

Tutle's script

The blue arrow points to the turtle's forward by button. The forward by button tells the turtle to move foward by any speed you give it. When you drag it out of the viewer, it creates a script. A script contains the directions of where the tutle will move. The purple arrow shows the script. So far the script contains the foward by button.

Turtle's heading

The purple arrow points to the heading button. The green arrow points to the script which contains the foward by and heading button. Unlike the forward by button, you need to drag the arrow next to it into the script.

Steeringwheel's heading

The blue arrow points to the steeringwheel's heading button. The green arrow points to the place where you put the steeringwheel's heading button. This place is in the same place you have placed the turtle's heading button as you can see above.

Increase by

The pink arrow points to the arrow where you can change it to increase by or decrease by.

Increase by2

You choose increase by.


In order to rotate the steeringwheel, you must press down on the blue button and turn it.

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