Copyright 2006. Dana and Nina


This is the main page of squeak. First, you click on the navigator and press the paintbrush. The paint menu will drop down. Then you will get to this page. It allows you to paint an object that you can later animate.


This is the paint bucket tool. It can fill in shapes or whatever you want to draw in squeak with color. The symbol for it is a bucket with black paint pouring out. All you have to do is click on the area that you want to fill.


If you want to find your original color, click on the eye dropper tool and then on the object that is using the original color.


This picture shows the eraser tool. The symbol for the eraser tool is the bottom half of a pencil with an eraser at the end. For the eraser you can change the thickness by clicking on the circles (see the arrow). Then you click and drag on the area that you want to erase.


This is the different thicknesses of a paint brush. The thickness of a paint brush is in the paint menu directly above the changing colors and undo button. As you can see there are six different thicknesses that you can select. They are ranging from tiny to really thick. The way you pick which thickness you would like is to click on the picture of the one you want. I have chosen pink and the largest brush that you can have. Also, you can draw free hand if you want, as shown in the picture above.


If you hover over the pink and black column, you can choose almost any color that you want. That is the color chart. You just run your mouse over the colors and click on the color of your choice.


This is an example of a free hand painting that you can draw. This is picture of a car. Click on the paintbrush and then use the tools from the pictures before to help you figure it out. To the right of the color chart, there are four buttons: undo, keep, clear, and toss. The undo button allows you to take back anything that you did, but you can only take back the most recent thing that you have done. The clear button clears everything that you drew. If you press it by mistake, you can press ‘undo,’ and you can have your project back. But, if you press toss, it will ask you if you are sure you want to toss. If you say yes, your project will be erased and you will not be able to get it back. If you say no, you will just continue with your project.


The button from above that I did not mention was keep. When you press keep you get to this screen. You click on this when you are done drawing. If you decide that you do not like it, you can alt click on your project, the viewer will come up. You press on the grey button on the right side, shown on the screen. The words that come up will say repaint, and then you can edit it.


Another button is the stamp button. You click on the very bottom left button of the paint menu. All you have to do is click on one of the three stamp figures. Then, you click and drag around the object that you are going to want to stamp with. Then you click somewhere on the screen and you picture will appear in all the places that you click.


This is what it looks like after you click and drag around the object that you want to be stamped. After this you click on somewhere on the screen and it will look like a duplicate of your picture. You can make as many stamps as you want. There are three of the stamp buttons, allowing you to make three different types of stamps at once. If you have three different pictures, you can have stamps for all three of them.


This is an example of an object being stamped.


First, we are going to click on the blue button at the bottom of the paint menu. It is a blue box with a slash on it. You can click on one of the buttons that comes down and make a straight line, box, circle, triangle, or a star.


These are the different shapes that you can make. You click on the shape of the object (all the way to the right of the page, at the bottom of the paint menu). Then you click and drag on the screen. The farther out you drag, the bigger the object gets.


The circle and the triangle have some special features. If you hold shift while dragging on the circle, it stays a perfect circle (the first circle). But, if you just click and drag, you can make an oblong circle (the second circle). In terms of the triangle, you can click and drag and make a triangle. When you let go, there are yellow circles and green triangles on the line of the triangle that you made. You can click and drag on the line and it will pull out, forming a deformed triangle. When you want to stop making shapes, you click on the paintbrush (at the top left of the paint menu).

Copyright 2006. Nina and Dana

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