This is a guide on how to make and script a button in Squeak.


This is the supplies tab; it’s located on the bottom right side of the screen. To use it, click and drag the red tab labeled “Supplies” up.


Pull up the button “Press Me” out of the supplies box.


This is the button halo. Some of the important buttons to know include the pink “X” on the upper left corner. If you click this button, your object will be sent to the trash. Another important button to know is the brown one on the top of the halo; this is the “move” button. Click and drag this button to move your object to where you want to put it. The green button to the right of the “move” button is the “copy” button. This button will duplicate your object. The next important button to know is the one with the 0 on it. This button minimizes your object. If you click and drag the yellow button on the lower right, you can change the size of your object.


This is the viewer. Also on the halo, click on the turquoise button with the picture of the eye to pull up the viewer. This is where you can choose directions for your button to perform. In order to make a tile representing your object, click the orange button on the halo and drag it to your script.


On the viewer, click and drag the arrow next to the tile called “Button’s Color” by the green and purple arrow. This creates a script.


Click the yellow square next to the words “Button’s Color” and choose the color you want. To activate the color, click the yellow button with the exclamation point. You have now changed the color of a button.


To make your object do an action, go back to the button’s viewer. Then drag whichever tile represents the action you’d like your object to do. An example of this is “Forward by…”


Drag your action (example: “Forward by…”) into your script, underneath your first action.


This is your script for your object.


The orange button with a rectangle on it is the tile button; drag that onto your script saying “Forward by…”

Copyright 2006 by Alexandra & Abigail

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