This is a highly-derivative idea, informed by Don Tapscott's book "Wikinomics" wherein he got participation in a book chapter by using a Wiki (and likely others followed) - the idea is to contribute to a chapter of the 2nd edition of "1-to-1 Learning: Laptop Programs That Work" and it's for the chapter currently entitled "1-to-1 and The Shift."

This chapter is about the approaches, philosophies, and pedagogies that work well with 1-to-1 and includes project-based learning; constructivism; and inquiry-based learning.

If you would like to describe how you have meshed your teaching with 1-to-1 and what pedagogies and philosophies have made sense when facing a room full of students armed with digital assistants, and your piece is chosen, you will get full attribution in the book.

So please add and edit if this is of interest! And thank you very much.

- Pamela Livingston

Hi Pamela,

The Ontario Ministry of Education brought in Bill Richardson to conduct workshops on Web 2.0 with educators from across the province. What lit a fire for us, was that Richardson walked us through the processes of creating a blog, initiating a wiki and so on. Many of us shared the ideas with local Ministry project participants, like lesson study, we were involved in. What I discovered was that it's not enough to hear how it's done, but one needs to be given the opportunity to try it with support at hand. Once educators, myself included, were given the communal time to try the application, the courage was there to on-line-share ideas. So, it's not enough to know; there needs to be the real-time experience to try.


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