Open Source Help Desk SystemsEdit

  • I have used two separate open source packages that worked very well with a little bit of tweaking. We used ZenTrack as a ticketing system and knowledge base. We used IPPlan for tracking inventory and IP addresses. They're very light weight and speedy.
  • There are dozens of free open source solutions for this. We use one at the hospital called PHPprojeck and we track over 3000 desktop and laptop computers with it.
  • RT (Request Tracker) is a trouble ticket solution used by many schools, ISPs and commercial companies. RT enables a group of people to intelligently and efficiently manage tasks, issues, and requests submitted by a community of users. More information at
  • Another one that's based on PHP/MySQL is Hesk which we exclusively use for our technical, maintenance and housekeeping requests. Highly modifiable, fast and it keeps all the tickets organized in a categorized fashion. Located at
  • Eventum (see list of links at bottom left)

Commercial Help Desk SystemsEdit

  • Web Help Desk - 100% web-based, 100% feature complete, and can be installed server-side on Mac OS X (Leopard & Leopard Server), Windows, Unix, & Linux...or ASP Hosted by Web Help Desk. Short vids: Ticket Submitter UI and Technician UI
  • We're using MobileAsset by Wasp for our inventory and service tracking. We're using it to track not only computers, but also cameras, flash drives, lease contracts, and software licenses. The Enterprise version, including a portable scanner, costs $3,000. The 5-computer version is substantially less. I'm not sure it would be ideal for a help desk application, but the inventory piece is top-notch.
  • SmarterTicket from SmarterTools offers both a free version and a resonablty priced full version ticket tracker. The free version is full featured in every way except for it only allows one support agent. It runs on IIS/.NET 1.1.
  • Track-It
  • Rhea Help Desk is a 100% web-based, ITIL-ready helpdesk software that comes in 2 editions and with the options to install at your site or hosted in the cloud. It includes Incident management, Request Fulfillment, Customizable management dashboard, Full Knowledgebase capability, FAQs and Forums, automated notifications, escalations and SLA tracking, integrated Help in every page and a standard set of reports. All at a competetive price, with 40% off as standard for all Educational Institutions, Charities and Start-up companies.
  • We use SchoolDude (fromIT Direct) for tracking our help desk issue, it is an annual subscription based online product with work queues and flows to email requesters and techs. They have an asset management piece as well which we don't currently use. Our maintenance uses one of their systems as well and have been happy.
  • We use the help desk module built into our KBOX from KACE.
  • We use Alloy. its very good and does more than just helpdesk tracking. we use it for purchase orders, hardware inventory (it queries your both macs and windows) and much more. I've been very happy with it.
  • We use the paid version of Their new interface is great and very user friendly. It is also really cheap compared to the other programs. They have a free version but we have too many users for it.
  • offers .asp code to implement your Help Desk. The code is yours to alter after the one time fee (which is less than $300). Install to your Windows server or have hosted externally. Con: No active directory or LDAP tie in. Users create their own username / password for tracking (but there is a lookup feature).
  • We use   JumpPuppy is an IT Help Desk for IT departments and tech support professionals.  It also comes with a knowledgebase and automatically feeds suggested solutions from Q&A sites like It is simple to use. It has a free and paid version.  They have been very responsive to my questions.  Very pleased with the system.

Training Users on Help Desk Software SystemsEdit

We tell our faculty to enter help desk tickets and wait their turn, except in the following cases:

  1. You cannot log on, but others near you can.
  2. You cannot get your email, but others near you can.
  3. You cannot print and need to do so immediately, but others around you can.
  4. A piece of AV equipment in your classroom/meeting room has malfunctioned and you need it for class.
  5. A computer malfunction has deleted your work.
  6. Something is on fire.

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