Q. Can anyone recommend a brand of headset they love. This is for the students to record a foreign language into their computers.

  • Sony Headset HS-90C...We got them with our Sony language lab, bt I have also bought them on the aftermarket for about $50 each. Very durable and high quality. After three years of use of a 25 seat lab, only two have broken.

Q. I want headphones for my computer lab. What do you recommend?

  • We have been pleased with the Backphone model from We also use their P4 small headphones for elementary school students.
  • Find headphones with curly cords (such as telephones used to have) instead of the thin, straight cords. With the latter, the wires tend to break. With the former, I have had headphones last 2.5 years with primary students who regularly do things such as walk away from their computers with headphones still on their head. Also look to see that there is some type of reinforcement where the cables join the headphone, since this is a common place for the cable to break.
  • In our computer lab, we have used Logitech C184 headphones for the past few years. They're durable but not unbreakable. Reasonably priced also. A 20 pack of these were priced @ $131.00. Most will last over a year, though it depends on good supervision.
  • I have run some of the suggested headphones past our resident audiophile on the technological support staff and he has recommended Sennheiser HD201 Headphones. He says they are as good as some $200 headphones, but these run anywhere from $20 at to $40 at other online stores. He also said that they were quite durable, but would probably be best in a middle school/high school environment with supervision.

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