April 26, 2007, 6-9pm
Concord Academy
166 Main Street
Concord, MA 01742

Please RSVP: here's a link to the Evite.

Agenda Edit

6:00-7:00 Dinner

6:20 Introductions

6:30 Research, Success Stories, and Best Practices

  • Pamela Mack, Clemson University professor and CA Alum
Discussing approaches to thinking about girls and computing
  • Barbara Bratzel, Shady Hill School, Cambridge
Discussing her Physics by Design course, which teaches programming
  • Karen McKenzie, Miss Porters School, Connecticut
Discussing how she has taught Java to girls
  • Laurie Heinricher, Winchester Thurston School, Pittsburgh
Discussing Alice in Programming Land, via phone, with live demo

7:20 Two or three short films about girls in tech:

  • You Can Be Anything: Medium (10mb mp4)

7:30 Open discussion. Possible themes:

  • Sharing more success stories and best practices
  • Reshaping our curricula to make them more "girl-friendly"
  • Educating girls about careers in technology
  • Encouraging more women to teach advanced computing classes
  • Discussing the experiences of girls from childhood to adulthood

8:15 Q&A for two techie girls at CA

  • Joy, Class of 2008
  • Mary, Class of 2008

8:30 Next steps discussion over dessert

Supplemental Info Edit

Pamela Mack Edit

I'm a historian of technology with an interest in the history of women in science and technology. I wrote an article on the impact of feminism on engineering in Feminism in Twentieth-Century Science, Technology, and Medicine. I'm a history professor at Clemson University and run a program on Science and Technology in Society. For my personal history with computers see Pre-microcomputer

Links to my history of computers teaching notes

Professional Home Page

Presentation Notes

Barbara Bratzel Edit

Karen McKenzie Edit

Laurie Heinricher Edit

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