The below information was retreived from a question posted to the Edtech listserv regarding Educational Gaming and Simulaiton:

Using simulation programs I see all of my students engrossed in learning....there is something for every learning style, and simulations cross over through all curriculum areas.

  • Lemonade Stand
  • Ice Cream Truck virtual Ice cream business software.
  • Where in the World is Carmen San Diego

My students love Crystal Rainforest and Crystal Rainforest 2 - it is a logo programming based problem solving adventure. I'm sure you have Oregon Trail and there are Sim Earth and other Sims, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego and other Carmen Sandiego titles.

  • Oregon Trail
  • Crystal Rainforest 1 and 2
  • Various Sims Titles

We've started to put together a set of resources dealing with both free, online simulations and video games. Find them at:

Social Studies Central: [1]

Click on "Lesson Plans" for the online simulations Click on "Links" then "Video Games" for the video games page

Direct links are below.

Online Simulations: [2]

Video Games: [3]

Any further contributions would be greatly appreciated.

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