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Technology in Social Studies

Social Studies GamesEdit

This list includes the title of the game, a link, and a description of the games benifits.


  • Where in the World is Carmen San Diego

This detective game asks students to solve geography questions in order to catch to thief Carmen Sandiego.


  • SimCity

This game allows students to try to build and run a city. It forces students to make decisions of how to plan a city as well as try to govern a safe place for people to live.


  • Civilization

Students lead a civilization from hunter and gatherers to world domination. Uses real city names, historical events and figures. Emphasizes importance of diplomacy, trade, geography, and technology.

  • Risk

Allows students to see the strategy of the Roman Empire by playing the game of how to take over the world.

  • Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome

Allows students to play and try to build Rome, as well as experience historical moments. Could be played over the course of the Rome unit.

  • Egypt; Tomb of the Pharoah

Game that allows students to interact and explore Egypt.


  • Monopoly

Allows students to use the principles of economics by playing the game of Monopoly.

How a Bill Becomes a Law This activity leads students through the process and procedures used to pass a legislative bill to a law. The object is to answer the questions correctly to help Mr. Bill become a Law.

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