Librarian Competencies

Librarian competencies should reflect our Middle States' stated standards of MSDE Library Media Voluntary State Curriculum and its outgrowth from ALA's Information Power. A list of practices would include a librarian at GCS being able to:

write lesson plans that meet these standards for instruction successfully deliver instruction to students and be able provide differentiated learning opportunities;

assess students through standard summative assessment tools as well as formative assessments, such asrubrics, checklists, peer responses, that foster performance-based learning and mega-cognition.

manage a library program and facility through collection development: material selection; deaccession;

audiovisual equipment/files and equipment repair arrangements; laminator and supplies; ordering;

school library policies and procedures; book fairs, as appropriate;

manage current circ/cat system for typical features such as generate reports; generate new cataloging; circulation; messages; overdue statements; operate online catalog version; upload new materials; batch process; generate bibliographies and be able to instruct volunteers on processing, shelving materials as appropriate to division;

create products with Microsoft Office Suite and be able to navigate network to save and retrieve items;

be active in learning/using new software and procedures, such as wikis, etc., as they become available and are appropriate for their professional and instructional use.

support their divisional staff through provision of materials and ideas for classroom teaching/collaborative teaching so as to foster integration of library program and classroom teaching;

support the greater school community, with such programs or product items as Birthday Books, Book Fairs,field trips, public library visits, Spiortad articles;

manage curricular mapping according to departmental and school guidelines; manage divisional library website;

manage Moodle page as a tool for student library information as appropriate to division;

maintain personal and professional development through departmental, school, AIMS, and educationalopportunities in the greater library community;

advocate love of reading and access to information

---Linda Jeffries-Summers

Per our discussions in this morning meeting. These could go under either librarian or tech competencies-

These links came by way of the American Libraries Direct e-newletter

Learning 2.0


Technology Petting Zoo

I think they're good ideas, and may be a good place to start

I would like more practice on power point. Judi

Competencies -- Nic's list (in progress) Must Haves: --training as a Librarian or School Media Specialist (or other related degree) OR significant prior experience in Education and Information Literacy -- Experience working with some form of Library catalog/automated circulation system. -- Strong People Skills, especially with (age group).

Should Haves: --Working knowledge of A/V (how to connect thing X to box Y and make it work)

Nice to Haves: -- skill with multimedia/audio visual editing --advanced training in cataloging/classification

Librarian Competencies - Kochanski
A librarian should have the following qualities/skill sets:

  • Educational experience
  • Promote literacy and love of reading
  • Experience using automated library catalog system to not only check out items but also add & edit materials
  • Basic computer skills - Microsoft office suite
  • Capable of using and instructing others on A/V equipment
  • Collaborate with other teachers (especially technology coordinators)
  • Knowledge of research and information literacy skills
  • Knowledge of collection development - how to evaluate, develop & weed

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