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Gcs Library Technology Areas of Overlap and Cooperation Edit

We need to look at the areas that are current in common with the Library and Technology departments to make sure we are being effective and efficient between departments and the faculty.

Step one of this process is for the Department Chairs to meet with The Director of Technology Done

Step two is for the Department Chairs to flesh out this outline to talk about areas of overlap in more detail

Step three is for the individual divison pairs (Tech and Library) to define what they are doing or need to do within their curriculum.

It is meant for all work to be done directly on this Wiki. I don't think we need to mark who wrote what. Just make the changes you need to.

Information Literacy and Independent Learning(info MSDE Student) Edit


Internet Safety Ethics - copyright, plagiarism, citations

Currently, in LS, this is probably being addressed in both the library and the lab. We should probably be more coordinated and deliberate in our efforts in this regard. ~Lauri Lee

It is the "responsibility shared by all members of the learning community, media specialists, content area teachers, administrators, parents and students..." to quote the Maryland State Department of Education School Library Media Voluntary Curriculum Rationale. Lauri and I certainly instruct regularly about social responsiblity but it is good for all to be involved in seeing that it is carried out.It is a student-learned concept that develops in a cyclical learning process with multiple reinforcements in different settings.

To facilitate same terminology, some simple signage in the area where there is access to computers could be developed by the Library-Tech team in each division.-Linda Jeffries-Summers

Media Literacy (MSDE Student) Edit

Understanding the power and influence of media

Knowing how to represent information in a myriad of formats (Word, PowerPoint, Audio, Visual..)

Faculty knowledge Edit

Skills - Library databases, Technology skills, using A/V equipment, copyright

I have high hopes that the schedule of training we have begun will address this. I don't even feel comfortable with our library databases, and I am a coordinator, so I would imagine that the teachers and other staff members would benefit from that training, as will I. Maybe 'Use of A/V equipment' should be a refresher class that we offer for one of the trainings, too. ~Lauri Lee

Needed Policies Edit

The Library needs to develop a "fair use" policy for the school

The Library needs to develop citation policies for each division and place them in their respective

A/V equipment Mgmt Edit


A/V Inventory for all equipment will be carried by the library (cameras, projectors....) and checked out annually to the teachers. The current A/V request system works.

New (Fall 2008):

Wish List for any updates to the Inventory Database::

       Device Type field: include SPEAKER


Info literacy Nets - info Lit Nets

MSDE- Voluntary Matix - MSDE Matrix

Student Nets: student nets

21st Century Skills Info, media, tech Skills

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