Moodle Page Requirements: Edit

Common section -

Header with name, contact information, class information

Syllabus/ Blurb about what you are going



US Division -

MS Division -

LS Division -

PS Division -

- Moodle Discussion area: -

What are the requirements for a webpage?

Required Training: Edit

New faculty orientation - PCR. Rubicon. Network orientation. Intro to online databases?

Laptop replacement orientation - what does this look like today? What do we really need to cover?

Tablet Training - What does it look like this year?

- Training Discussion area: - This means we will have to create a training plan early in the school year, and with the chaos that brings, maybe we should actually plan it prior to leaving.

In addition to covering the required training, maybe we should discuss all training that is required as associated with a particular program.


- Competencies Discussion area: - We are going to change the submittal process for competencies. Faculty and staff would/should be able to submit relevant work that meets the competencies as much as possible.

Interview Skills: Edit

- Interview Discussion area: - What are the minimal skills we would like to see?


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