This is a workshop by Dr. Donna DeGennaro of Montclair State University and Pamela Livingston of The Peck School. Here is a workshop description

The Workshop Outline:


I. Introductions: Your Learning Framework (15 minutes)

  • Wiki

II. Learning Should be “Hard and Fun” (20 minutes)

       a. see Dr. Seymour Papert's paper on this: 

       b. Social Perspectives: Dewey, Vygotsky, Seeley-Brown

III. Emerging Learning Theories (20 minutes)

       a. Community centered
       b. Learner centered (Ed leadership – today’s learners)
       c. Knowledge centered
       d. Assessment centered
       e. Social interactions

Break (10 minutes)

Part 2:

IV. Connecting Emerging Technologies with Learning Theory (40 minutes)

  • Choose your innovation: Design a learning goal for your subject
     a. Moodle
     b. Handhelds
     c. Wikis 
     d. Podcasts
     e. IM
     f. Laptop Resources
     e. Inquiry Based Science Designs

V. Share your design (15 minutes)

VI. Reflections (15 minutes)

  • Wiki

VI. Closing remarks (15 minutes)

VII. Follow-Up - Contributor Resources - Please post anything you're working on or using that you'd like to share.

Highly Recommended Resources


     a. Bransford, J., Brown, A. & Cocking, R. (2000). How People Learn:  
     b. Darling-Hammond, L. & Bransford, J. (2005). "Preparing Teachers for a 
        Changing World")
     c. Ed Leadership: December/January 2006
     d. Vygotsky, L.S. (1978). Mind and society: The development of higher mental 
     e. Jonassen, D.H. (2006). Modeling with technology: Mindtools for conceptual 
        change. Columbus, OH: Merrill/Prentice-Hall.


     a. How People Learn Keynote:
     b. Models of Teaching: 
     c. Mike Muir:
     d. John Seely-Brown:
        (see Learning in a Digital Age)
     e. Learners Today
     f. Tapped In:
     g. George Lucas Education foundation:
     h. iPod Lesson Plans:
     i. HandHelds Go to Class:
     j. GoKnow!: (handheld applications)
     k. MIT: Participatory Simulations: (handhelds)


     a. Seymour Papert:
     b. John Bransford:

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