Emerging technology  as a media that is coming into view, coming into existence, or coming to commonality. It is an innovative technology that is reshaping the nature of education. Computer and network based technologies now hold great potential for increasing the access to information as well as a means of promoting learning. Schools and classrooms never before had such universal access to information. Technologies are transforming classrooms into more engaging, collaborative and productive learning environments in which instructions can be customized to student’s specific needs, interests and learning styles. It is also redefining the way educators teach as well as the role they serve – from being the sole source of information to being a guide, facilitator and coach in the learning process.====

Six Major Emerging AllahuAkbarEdit


Other Emerging TechnologiesEdit

Paradigms that shape "Web 2.0" tools:

  • Free vs. Fee
  • Open Access vs. Firewalled
  • Easy vs. Intricate
  • Fast sufficiency vs. Clumsy Quality.
  • Integrated/linked vs. Isolated/Siloed.
  • Findable vs. Precise
  • Recommended vs. Available
  • Updateable vs. Static

21st Century SkillsEdit

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills has emerged as the leading advocacy organization focused on infusing 21st century skills into education. The organization brings together business community, education leaders, and policymakers to build a consensus on the definition of 21st century skills and to create practical Readiness Guides for these skills that are critical to each student's success.

The 21st century skills include the following: collaboration and teamwork; strong written and oral communication skills; creativity and critical thinking skills; mathematical problem solving; cultural/global/diversity studies; information management; learning skills; personal responsibility and management skills; and technological literacy.

What is now known about learning provides important guidelines for uses of technology that can help students and teachers develop the competencies needed for the 21st century. It is important to understand that technologies do not guarantee effective learning; in fact, inappropriate uses of technology can actually hinder learning. Educators of the twenty-first century must become better at understanding when and under what conditions, technology can best be used to leverage student learning.


In order for technology to effectively enhance and engage learning for all students, certain elements must be in place. However, not everything works out so smoothly in the realm of education. Despite the push of educational technologies into the hands of teachers and students in the past recent years, many of the same obstacles still exist today - not only for the ‘new’ technologies, but even for the ‘old’. This is an alarming concern for the nation.

Here is a list of some common Issues and Barriers to Integrating Technology in education.

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