This is a workshop by Dr. Donna DeGennaro of Montclair State University and Pamela Livingston of The Peck School. Here is a workshop description

Overview - Learning should be hard fun (see Dr. Seymour Papert's paper on this at ( ) Learning should be social (Dewey, Vygotsky, Seeley-Brown) Learner-centered learning - Knowledge-centered Learning - community centered learning (Bransford and Hammond, "Preparing Teachers for a Changing World") (Note: find Papert's iMovie at Maine where he talks with laptop-using students)

Teaching models (highly recommended): Mike Muir

Seely-Brown (see online version)

Ed Leadership article - Today's Learners

Emerging Learning Theories

Learners Today

Emerging Technologies - Wiki's, Blogs, Moodle, Podcasts,


Designing lessons

Take-aways (handouts, etc.)

Responses - reflections, etc.

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