Q: Has anyone seen or installed electrical outlets in classrooms by dropping power from the ceilings on retractable extension cords, or other mechanisms like a central pole? Or have you other ideas?

  • When we created a computer lab in a former classroom, the floor was poured concrete and there was not enough wall space for outlets around the room. An electrician installed a pole with ten outlets whose power came down from the ceiling. We also included date ports in the pole. It was a very simple, and relatively inexpensive, installation. When we converted to a mobile laptop lab, we had a guy simply remove the pole and our old lab went back to a "new," regular classroom.
  • A guy from a girls school in texas (ibooks for all students) said that they simply stopped having the kids bring the AC adapters to school. Their ibooks could run about four hours on a full charge, and the lack of an adapter made the kids more conscious about use and being responsible about charging before bringing the iBook to school. It also just about eliminated ac adapter cord issues in the classroom. We implemented the same idea with our 1:1 ibooks in 7th and 8th grade this year, and we had the same positive results. We still have one or two adapters in each classroom, but they aren't frequently used. Kids monitor their available power pretty well.

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