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David Warlick described a study in which students engaged in multimedia content production vs. traditional textbook learning had equal test scores on the content at the end of the unit, but one year later the students who had done the multimedia creation still tested well on the content but the textbook group did not.

Attributes of gamesEdit

  • Individualized - Games adapt to the level of the individual while providing support
  • Experiential - Hands-on activities involving problem definition, problem-solving and learning-by-doing
  • Challenging - Games are built with multiple levels, ensuring user’s skills are challenged
  • Engaging - Games engage users for hours in pursuit of a goal
  • Social - Games can be played with others; online communities provide engagement
  • Rapid feedback - Games provide immediate and contextualized feedback

Source:, slide 18

Articles and Pages on GamesEdit

  • Massively multiplayer educational gaming

Virtual RealityEdit


  • How Computer Games Help Children Learn by David Williams Shaeffer.

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