Job Description
  • Supports all aspects of the school’s web content management system and all other school web pages including locally served websites, and other vendors’ web services including discussion boards, survey tools, online payment processing, etc.
  • Will create a matrix documenting every area of the website and identify who is responsible for managing the content of that area
  • Manages publishing rhythm for regular updates to assigned site sections.
  • Writes content and provides support and training for posting news stories and photos online for the school community
  • Ensures all major school events are appropriately recorded and published online using still photographs and video recordings in streaming format
  • Attends school events and takes photographs/video, and/or sets schedule for outside and volunteer photographers
  • Manages vendors providing hosting, support, and upgrades to the school’s web-services
  • Leads a web content strategy to build awareness, increase web penetration, generate repeat traffic and launch new functionality, including the design and execution of marketing strategies that involve the web channel, in collaboration with admissions and development teams
  • Strategically evaluate content addition requests, to define goals, refine project plan and set specific deliverables & timelines
  • Oversees the creation of high-quality interactive website content to assure proper tone, messaging and effectiveness, in collaboration with stakeholders
  • Ensures quality and consistency of content by proof-reading and providing content oversight management for all of the school’s web services
  • Proactively manages all site-wide editorial guidelines and policies, and communicates these to stakeholders proactively
  • Champions the creation of timely, accurate and engaging content.
  • Manages the website with the use of statistics, metrics, stakeholder and marketing feedback to develop content strategies and maximize usage of the site
  • Ensures relevancy of site-search results and improves site-search functionality
  • Continuously improves the website with new and innovative ways to serve school needs and implement best practices
  • Collaborates with technology department
  • Builds and maintains lasting stakeholder relationships to ensure alignment with overall website strategy and school goals
  • Develops plans for improving the school’s web services
  • Manages programming and content upgrades to the school’s web services
  • Trains faculty, administrators, and staff on using the cms system and other web applications
  • Works to understand the needs of all stakeholders to act on their objectives and provide consistently excellent service
  • Encourages and assists faculty and staff who are creating/editing their websites
  • Provides support for student projects creating websites
  • Researches, assesses, and reports on emerging web and internet technologies
  • Provides support for k-8 classroom integration of the school’s website and internet resources
  • Provides training and support for Adobe PhotoShop, Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage, and other web technologies to administrators, faculty, staff, and students
  • Ensures a consistent and user-friendly graphic design across all of the school’s online presence consistent with print communication
  • Integrates content from web and print communications
  • Develops more targeted and user-friendly communications (both push & pull) with existing and emerging internet communications technologies including email, web, & mobile phone.
  • Builds existing classroom resources out onto the web, bridging the school/home divide
  • Provides advice on management of, and access to, institutional knowledge/documents and other electronic resources on the intranet and internet including the school’s media archives
  • Explores the possibilities of delivering school curricula through distance learning
  • In conjunction with ed-tech specialist, supports the school’s internet safety curriculum
  • Contributes to parent technology education
  • Supports online professional development


  • Strong interpersonal skills to build consensus in a collegial work environment.
  • Demonstrated experience managing cms driven websites
  • Proven ability to write/edit compelling content; strong familiarity with editorial best practices.
  • Familiarity with web publishing standards, content development, web technologies and workflow within teams.
  • Effective time and task management skills to drive and complete multiple tasks in a high-throughput environment.
  • Well-versed in information design and user-friendly effective interface design
  • Portfolio of websites for review
  • Strong knowledge of PhotoShop, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, html, pdf, scanning.
  • At least minimal understanding of active server pages.

Desired Skills: Knowledge of: Camtasia, Flash, IIS, ssl, visual basic, sql server, javascript, cold fusion, mySQL; experience in an educational setting, especially an independent school setting.

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