Director of Technology Edit

Job Description

  • Participate in the administrative management team
  • Develop and administer long range planning for the technology program with stakeholder input
  • Administer the budget, vendor selection, contract review, etc.
  • Conduct research and compiles reports
  • Assist with recruitment and training of new employees
  • Seek external funding and grants
  • Participate in conferences and become a recognized regional leader in the field

Operational/Institutional Duties

  • Enterprise-level management of the network infrastructure
  • Manage telephone system, voice mail system, and portions of the security system.
  • Manage the Student Information System and a number of other specialty systems (e.g. Calendar, Library, etc.)
  • Manage the website and intranet
  • Manage audio visual resources

Academic Duties

  • Work with curricular and professional development leaders to implement technology plan
  • Work with teachers and students at all levels to facilitate learning through the integration of technology
  • Manage and support classroom instruction

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Successful experience at another institution as a coordinator of technology
  • Successful experience as a teacher of educational technology
  • Knowledge of laws, policies, and grants regarding educational technology
  • Knowledge of good administrative leadership principles - a leader
  • Ability to set a vision, plan, implement, and assess
  • Ability to problem solve toward effective solutions
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent relationship building skills with supervisors, peers, and subordinates
  • Ability to effectively evaluate assigned personnel and programs
  • Ability to be resourceful

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