Also see: Academic Technology Coordinator

Job Description

  • Establish an environment which encourages creative and independent use of instructional technology throughout the school.
  • Model effective uses of appropriate instructional technology in the classroom and the school media center for teachers and students.
  • Follow school Technology Plan, Acceptable Use Policy, copyright laws, and technology guidelines.
  • Research new and emerging technologies, software and hardware solutions, and grant opportunities, in keeping with the district technology plan and school-based instructional goals, providing this information to the building technology team/committee, principal, and administrative staff.
  • Maintain hardware and software inventories including licensing and securing of software media.
  • Assist educators in planning for the use and integration of technology in the instructional program.
  • Assist teachers with the use of computer carts and labs, including training and scheduling.
  • Participate in the design, coordination, and provision of instructional technology workshops, and researching and/or providing individual training opportunities for teachers to ensure the best use of technology.
  • Participate as a member of the faculty in faculty meetings and events.
  • Participate as a member of the school’s web content team.
  • Develop written instructions and procedures for the use of hardware and software as needed.
  • Participate in budget decisions related to technology to assist in the provision of a well-chosen and up to date collection of technology materials and equipment.
  • Participate as a member of the school’s technology committee/team to support and implement the district’s technology plan and school-based technology instructional goals.
  • Coordinate with and assist the network specialist with the administration and support of the site-based instructional and administrative networks, including minor troubleshooting.
  • Coordinate with and assist the network specialist to ensure the backup of all servers and the maintenance of a tape rotation schedule and log.
  • Participate in technology-related professional development opportunities including self-study, workshops, and conferences on school, district, state, and national levels, as approved by the Principal and/or Designee.
  • Attend scheduled technology related Information Services and Curriculum meetings as notified, and communicate and coordinate with Curriculum, IS, and Facilities as needed.
  • Interpret the school’s instructional technology program for staff, parents, and members of the community.
  • Teach technology classes to students
  • Teach and/or team-teach technology related lessons as needed with classroom teachers
  • Develop benchmarks for student technology proficiency
  • Create formative assessment processes that frequently measure progress towards those benchmarks
  • Assist faculty in the design of standards-based, technology rich curriculum that improves student learning
  • Help with basic troubleshooting
  • Assess and report on all aspects of technology related to educational goals of the school
  • Seek out and work with teachers to develop technology related lessons and curriculum
  • Serve as a mentor to teachers and staff for technology use
  • Work with faculty to facilitate and enhance the vision and goals of technology implementation
  • Train individual teachers and students to use software, hardware, and peripheral devices as needed
  • Develop and offers technology training workshops for teachers
  • Develop and maintains technology related lesson, curriculum, and standards documents
  • Meet with grade level, department, library, and trustee committees to assess and plan curriculum
  • Integrate use of the school’s web site and Internet resources consistent with the school’s educational mission
  • Create and maintains online and printed help sheets for a variety of software and hardware
  • Research and publicize professional development workshop offerings
  • Provide oversight for computer labs, student laptops, and classroom desktops
  • Offer student technology clubs and independent study in technology
  • Provides support for elective classes using technology
  • Meets with technology department to assess and remediate educational configuration and support issues
  • Documents use of technology for ongoing assessment and publication purposes
  • Ability to observe a lesson and ask, "Was this effective?" rather than "Was this the way I would done this?"

Desired Skills/Abilities/Knowledge

  • patience, patience, patience
  • creative thinker and problem solver
  • constantly searches for new ideas
  • comfortable with change
  • non-judgmental
  • wiling to meet people where THEY are
  • willing to do anything needed; generous of time, thought and energy
  • love of technology as a tool for teaching and learning
  • understanding of students' needs
  • understanding of curriculum and teaching
  • empathy

Key points about this position:

  • The person needs to have a very flexible schedule. Perhaps teach one class, but that is all.
  • Work to develop relationships with the teachers so they trust this person.
  • Teachers present what they are doing in division meetings to build enthusiasm. The tech integrator orchestrates this. This is critical.
  • We only give advanced tech equipment to teachers who apply for it-- thus the more they want to do and are committed to learning, the more good stuff they get.
  • In the lower school the tech integrators require each teacher to see them once every two weeks or so.
  • We offered a special tech camp for one week during the summer. This week we are building in time for teachers to write a lesson plan using the technology-- done at the "camp" where there is tech help and hand-holding.

Retrieved from ISED-L list-serv 3/08, sent by Kris S. CC3.0 a, s-a, nc license


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