Job Description


  • Oversees the communication of the school’s vision and mission in all publication and communication media to all constituencies of the school community ensuring a consistent, unified, and persuasive delivery.
  • Designs comprehensive institutional communications plans and programs, taking into consideration institutional image, message and positioning, mission, goals, priorities and accomplishments of the school, the relationship between institutional communications and marketing, and the specific marketing objectives of the school and camp.
  • Provides leadership, vision, and support of all administrative offices and faculty to improve efficiency, organization, storage, search, retrieval, and publication of all school documents and knowledge.
  • In coordination with admin team, sets policies and protocols for all publication and communication media (web, email, memo, print, phone, broadcast, etc)
  • Coordinates surveys, evaluations and assessments of communications activities in order to determine the effectiveness of the school’s communications.
  • Provides oversight and organization for the school’s archive of photography (digital, print, and video)
  • Integrates school publication sources (print & web) to ensure efficient, consistent, and synergistic publication of content
  • Implement strategic direction for creative development relative to the marketing elements including: collateral, direct e-mail, online content, web casts, video-on-demand presentation and webinars, podcasts, etc.
  • Develop a community of internal and external constituents that will serve as a resource for Beta programs, industry insight and best practices.
  • Maintains relationships with sr. managers throughout organization and addresses high level issues with other decision makers on product communication strategies.


  • Strong writing and editing skills
  • Detail-oriented approach to meeting deadlines
  • Ability to collaborate and forge a shared vision of institutional excellence among key stakeholders
  • Required Technology Skills: fluency with all Microsoft Office programs, Windows Operating System environment, strong knowledge or graphic design and publication layout programs (PhotoShop, InDesign, Quark, Illustrator), understanding of electronic file formats and document upload (Tiff, Jpeg, Gif, PDF, FTP), hardware knowledge (scanners, CD burners, digital cameras). Knowledge of Microsoft Sharepoint, Project, content management systems, html authoring preferred.

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