After trying the Canon PowerShot A570s, we went with the Canon PowerShot SD1000s. People seem to be quite happy with them.


This is from a request for digital camera suggestions on the NYCIST listserv:

The Request

I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a digital camera for classroom use that:

1. is responsive when you press the shutter

2. has a rechargable battery with some staying power

3. doesn't cost an arm and a leg

The Feedback

A number of you like the Canon PowerShot cameras (A and SD series) and the Canon Rebel XT SLR. (I have a PowerShot SD230 Digital Elph that I have always liked as well; the shutter speed is rather slow, but it is 3+ years old now.)

The Nikon Coolpix L10 got a vote, as did the Nikon D40. According to the recommended website, J.D. Power and Associates recently ranked the Nikon D series highest in customer satisfaction with digital SLR cameras.

One vote for the Leica C-Lux-2.

Another useful site was recommended:

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