Here is the description for a similar session I presented at the ERB conference for this topic:

Schools are continually being challenged by new internet-based resources that quickly become potentially dangerous. Social networking sites and easy access to self-publishing on blogs and wikis have presented schools with a number of surprises. When students are left on their own with free access to these resources there are inevitable pitfalls including students who share far too much personal information, not only about themselves, but about their school community. There have also been more incidents of cyber-bullying, and the opportunity to interact with strangers. On the other hand, blogs, wikis, and locally managed social-networking sites can provide wonderful collaborative learning opportunities in a school community.

What are the key policies that schools should adopt, without losing the educational potential of these powerful resources? Simple, straightforward policies are ideal as they are clear and easily managed, but schools may want to include the option to apply these resources in the school setting. These issues will be addressed and discussed in this session.

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