This is a list of settings that improve users' experience of Windows:

  • Power settings (more time til standby, don’t ask for password on resume)
  • Alphabetize start menu
  • Show quick links toolbar with typical shortcuts
  • Set time to central time zone
  • Some internet explorer settings (get past run-once screen, show links toolbar (delete shortcuts), turn off pdf toolbar, homepage set to Google, )
  • Set spatial tolerance to “large” for all pen tap & hover settings
  • Delete or move rarely used items on the programs list of start menu
  • turn off bluetooth & remove from programs "all users...startup items"
  • double row of task bar.
  • do not group similar items on taskbar
  • show my docs, network places, etc on desktop; turn off "run desktop cleanup wizard"
  • set background to "none"
  • set screensaver to "none"
  • delete unneeded desktop icons (Adobe Reader, all MS student, Windows Media Player, ArtRage2)
  • Arrange desktop items by name; turn off auto-arrange; turn off align to grid
  • in Audacity, locate Lame.dll and change export prefs to 32 bit
  • Launch Office enter bga/bga as user.
  • Launch OneNote: show toolbars on two rows; turn off "use large icons" show "My Pens" toolbar. Fix all notebooks, add bga notebook
  • increase mouse speed across screen
  • set folder view to details, apply to all
  • set system preference to single click and only underline on hover
  • change control panel display to classic view
  • put shortcuts on desktop to Word, OneNote, Journal
  • change email button to launch oneNote
  • increase size and overwriting of system log

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