NJAIS educators met at Oak Knoll School during a curriculum mapping roundtable.

The overall consensus was: we want to share and learn more from each other, and combine resources and ideas.

This wiki is the part of our efforts, along with our listserv.

  • At my new place we have our own custom design "curriculum tool" which is integrated into our website, I have found it clunky and linear and for this year we have abandoned it and the teachers are using our School Wiki to map their curriculum. --The School at Columbia University
  • We are in our third year using Curriculum Mapper and we are very happy with it. The support and on-site training are excellent. The site is You can get a free trial for two weeks and I believe an on-line demo as well.
  • We had Susan Udelhofen, Ph.D come and talk to the teachers and train them in the beginning and she if great and extremely motivating.
  • Another option is SunGuard Education Sector's TechPaths.

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