What are the gadgets, gizmos, websites, software, etc, that you think are way cool?

Productivity AidsEdit

  • Plantronics' MX-10 Switcher headset is a headphones & microphone headset that plugs into your telephone and your computer at the same time. You can toggle the microphone on/off for the computer mic. Also plays back audio from your computer. Separate volume controls. Allows you to also record phone calls on your computer. Lift your phone's handset off the cradle to make a call over the headset.

Network OptimizationEdit

  • NetEqualizer is a plug-n-play product that intelligently delegates bandwidth without administrators having to build and manage extensive policy libraries. No changes to existing network structure is necessary. It uses "behavior shaping" technology that renders "fairness algorithms" which automatically control bandwidth. Results are higher QoS, optimal network performance and increased subscriber productivity.

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