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I've been struggling for a word to describe the digital open-source equivalent of textbooks. I've been putting "textbook" in quotation marks to indicate the problematic nature of using a word that implies static printed text on paper to describe dynamic multimedia digital information on wiki pages. I had the time and inclination this morning to come up with what I think is a better word. That word is infowiki

"Course infowiki" rolls nicely off the tongue and keyboard. Info is much more appropriate than "text" as it doesn't exclude images, animations, audio and video. Wiki implies collaborative, digital and online so those terms are no longer necessary modifiers. Using "wiki" in place of "book" is a little risky as it assumes wikis will be the primary medium for these things for a while. But heck, one has to put a stake in the ground every now and then, so infowiki it is. -Fred Bartels


  • Textbook Revolution - a directory of free educational materials. You can find links to free textbooks here and can submit links to others you know of or created.
  • Wikibooks - a site for books in wiki form (much like the wiki you are using right now). This is from the same people behind Wikipedia, but now there are totally free books.
  • Creative Commons - "Some Rights Reserved": Building a Layer of Reasonable Copyright - everyone who is publishing on the web should be using a creative commons license as it allows you optimal flexibility to let your audience know how you want your work re-mixed.

Teaching With TechnologyEdit

Click over to Teaching With Technology to join a current collaborative effort to create an infowiki.

Infowiki Project IdeasEdit

If you are interested in working on an infowiki add your name, school and email address under the project in which you are interested. If you are interested in starting an infowiki please add your idea to the list of infowiki projects below.

  1. An AP Computer Science Infowiki
  • Fred Bartels, Rye Country Day School,

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