Assessment Questions

Question 1: Explain a current issue surrounding the implementation of assistive and adaptive technology for students with cognitive disabilities.

Question 2: Provide an example of a best practice for implementing assistive technology.

Question 3: Compare and contrast high tech and low tech assistive technology tools.

Question 4: Describe a benefit gained by a user of one of the given examples of assistive technology in reading.

Question 5: How can technology assist gifted and talented students?

Grading Rubric

Use the following rubric, aligned with the Maryland State Assessment Brief Constructed Response in Reading grading rubric, to self - assess your understanding.

3 - Response demonstrates complete understanding of the text, addresses the demands of the question, and uses text-relevant information to support, clarify, or extend the response.

2 - Response demonstrates general understanding of the text, partially addresses the demands of the question, uses text-relevant information to show understanding.

1 - Response demonstrates a minimal understanding of the text, minimally addresses the demands of the question, uses minimal or no information to show some understanding of the text as it relates to the question.

0 - Response is completely incorrect, irrelevant, or missing.

Rubric Source:

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