(1) Define Assistive Technology   
 (2) ISTE Standards For Teachers:
 (3) ISTE Standards for Students:
 (4) Special Education / Learning Disabilities Overview
 (5) Gifted Education
 (6) Rationale for accommodating through technology

Cognitive Disabilities Accommodations

  1. Hardware
  2. Software
  3. Links 

Gifted Education

  1. Hardware
  2. Software

By Kids For Kids is a website which provides students access to develop the 21st Century Skill of Problem Solving. Through this website, students can develop ideas and create new inventions. Gifted and Talented students can benefit from this website by critically thinking to solve real life problems they may be faced with.

Webquests are easy ways for teachers to differentiate classroom lessons, as well as provide extensions and enrichment opportunities for students that have already mastered objectives. Webquests are availible to all grade levels, and range throughout each curricular area. If you can not find a webquest that meets your students' needs, you can always create your own. The following link leads to a site of existing webquests.

Places to buy Assistive Technology

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